The new roller door

The new ALUKON roller door – with new developed reinforced locking clips and guide channels, doors up to a width of 6m with wind resistance class 2 can be realized.

The new reinforced locking clips and our roller door guide channel (RTF 100) allow wide doors and withstand high wind loads. Openings up to a width of 6 m and a maximum surface of 20 m² can be safely closed with a space-saving roller door.

Also for our roller door drive a lot of things started to happen. The new roller door drive TopDrive.2 recognizes independently the security devices of our ALUKON roller door. A programming is no longer necessary. This new drive has a full text display in three different languages. Lightings and warning lights can be connected directly without additional modules, however the integrated emergency lighting already ensures enough light in the garage. Optically more appealing ventilation and vision slats for the T 77 roller doors complete the new ALUKON roller door. As before the position of the vision profiles can be arranged according to customers‘ requirements. The standard space between the vision profiles is 6 cm, whereas 14 cm and 24 cm are also possible.

All ALUKON roller doors and roof line doors will from now on be equipped with the same wireless technology and  accessories, allowing an operation thus allowing an operation of ALUKON roller doors and ALUKON roof line doors with the same handheld transmitter.