"We force up our performance"

ALUKON bursts at its seams. That is why the roller shutter manufacturer from Konradsreuth is planning a plant extension.

Mr Braun, ALUKON continues to rely on the site Konradsreuth. What has been mapped precisely in the southern part of the industrial park?
In  production we have to increase tremendously our output. Therefore, we will enlarge our production and stock areas. 

What will be the approximate cost of the project?

Actually, we are in the planning stage and it depends on the next steps and if our wishes will be approved. We have to reckon with a double-digit million Euro sum.

Do you know already when the construction works begin and how long same will take?

The start of the works depends now  on the period for the planning permission. Preliminary talks with the district administrator and the mayor went very well. The scheduled launch will be in spring 2015, construction period will be definitely two to three years. If all concerned join forces, then we make it.

How many new jobs will be provided?

At the present point of time, this is difficult to estimate. Without any doubt, we will need ten per cent new staff. But I do not want  to commit myself yet to concrete figures. 

For years ALUKON has been growing and growing. Is this investment now the end of the line or will the company  expand more and more during the next ten years in the industrial park?

We have a concept, but we cannot foresee now what will be in ten years. In any case, it will not take us ten years to fill the building site. It is essential for the current arrangement: sometimes you have to stride out because small steps are not sufficient any more.

Source:  Frankenpost, 01.08.2014 (Germany)