Do you need specific details about ALUKON systems for sales, during assembly or when talking to architects? The distributor’s section contains information, drawings and instructions for the various ALUKON products.


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ALUKON acadamy

We are happy to put together current topics and set up dates for seminars personalised for you. In the predominantly practice-oriented seminars, comprehensive product knowledge is shared together with hands-on practice. 

Visit our ALUKON academy and enjoy interesting seminar content. We look forward to welcoming you.

ALUKON Sales support

ALUKON sales support offers partners sales-boosting presentation ideas of all ALUKON product ranges, from the small salesroom to the large showroom. A range of presentation options are also available for sales reps to take to customers or to building sites. In addition, ALUKON designs individual sales brochures, flyers, supplements, mailings, etc. for its trade partners. If you would like to know more about ALUKON sales support, please contact your local sales representative.

ALUKON Logistics system

ALUKON uses its own fleet of over 22 lorries and vans to deliver supplies. Keeping the logistics in our own hands ensures a fast and smooth process.


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