AK-FLEX with venetian blinds

You can use the AK-FLEX frame-mounted shutters for all wall structures and installation situations. No matter whether it’s as a heat insulation composite system, exterior plaster, brick or slate façade – the AK-FLEX universal box always finds a suitable application. Its flexibility and versatile adaptation of external dimensions to the construction situation makes it particularly suitable for prefabricated houses or requirements for wall thicknesses that must be adhered to.


Raffstore Venetian blinds allow for pleasant light regulation. The AK-FLEX uses 80 mm flat or flanged slats. Raffstore Venetian blinds can also be easily retrofitted using their snap-on end rail supports.


As with the other built-in options for ALUKON exterior blinds, you can also equip the AK-FLEX with Venetian blinds with integrated insect protection.

Exterior blinds in high-insulating, foam-filled, frame-mounted AK-FLEX shutters.