Insect-repelling system

Insect-repelling system, retrofitable, high quality and durable

ALUKON-solutions enable a restful sleep, because insects are kept out. ALUKON insect-repelling systems include: roller insect screens, stenter frames, hinged doors, sliding doors with one and two wings and pleated doors. For AL-IS insect-repelling stenter frames and doors different insect-repelling gauzes are available. We offer standard gauze, high transparent and tear-resistant gauze for particular use we also have a pollen prevention gauze. This is a new and patended insect-repelling gauze which is high transparent, breathable and at the same time it offers a permanent prevention from pollen (ECARF certified). ALUKON-insect repelling systems can be installed subsequently, are available in all RAL-colours  and design your facade.