Roller shutter

Design your facades with ALUKON roller shutters

We only want the best for you and your home. High quality, high security and special comfort. ALUKON systems impress with their clarity and functionality. Roller shutters offer security and let your facade shine in a new design. Roller shutters enlarge the comfort of your home and reduce the energy consumption. Choose your favourite system from our almost unlimited product variety. Feel comfortable in your home.

Roller shutter-colour variety

Choose your favourite colour for your roller shutter system from our large colour range. There are almoast no limits. You can choose your favourite colour from several RAL-colours, 25 structured colours and 3 DB special metallic colours.

Roller shutters with extraordinary functions

s_onro® curtain with high transparence and straight design. With s_onro-curtains you achieve more light and less direct sunbeams in your rooms. JalouRoll - the innovative combination of exterior blind and roller shutter.




Our roller shutter systems are made of high quality aluminium which meanwhile became our main raw-material. Our surfaces meet the highest standard for outdoor exposure. All main production steps are made at our factory in Konradsreuth, Upper Franconia/Bavaria. More than 400 qualified employees work at state-of-the-art production facilities. ALUKON is certified according to DIN ISO 9001.


Roller shutters offer more security in a particular way. Hail and storm cannot damage your windows. Damages from broken window panes and storm damages can be prevented. Burglars prefer objects without roller shutters. Roller shutters also offer noise and privacy protection.


Electric motors offer significant comfort and this comfort can even be enlarged through different operation elements. With high solar radiation the roller shutters can be operated automatically into a shading position. Your rooms stay comfortably cool.
During winter roller shutters offer a larger heat insulation, when night falls the roller shutters close automatically and the heat is kept inside your house. More comfort can also be achieved through integrated insect-repelling, which keeps out insects when the windows are open.