Foam-filled frame-mounted shutter

The new ALUKON faom-filled frame-mounted shutter AK-FLEX is suitable for nearly all applications for new buildings and renovations. On demand the AK-FLEX system is available as components or as finished element. The big advantage of AK-FLEX is the modular construction. Through the modular construction the AK-FLEX boxes can be adjusted to any wall thickness or wall structure. The AK-FLEX system is combinable with all customary types of windows and offers excellent thermal and sound insulation. All AK-FLEX elements are suitable for integrated insect repelling system.

Easy operation

In addition to the standard operation with 14mm belt, all customary operating versions like motor, crank and 23mm belt for box elongation can be realised in the standard box.

For comfortable operation by motor you can choose between

  • Motor with mechanical final positions
  • Motor with anti-freeze protection and obstacle detection
  • Radio controlled motors

Guide channels and access flap are not only available in standard colour white, but also in other foliations. In addition guide channels made of aluminium can be coated in all RAL, structured and 3 DB colours. There are no limits to your colour wishes!

Thermal insulation

Having a EPS body, the AK-FLEX system is perfectly tailored to the market requirements. The current EnEV requirements and even those planned for the future have already been met, increasing the planning security for many years. Already with the basic version (access from outside 260 x 265) achieves an excellent heat transfer coefficient of 0,61 W/m2K. Depending on the version, U-values far below 0,30 W/m2K can be achieved..

Sound insulation

The AK-FLEX system offers a maximum of sound insulation. Depending on the type of the box values (Rw) of 46/48 dB can be achieved without needing further extensive measures.

Fire prevention

AK-FLEX corresponds to building material class B2 according to DIN 4102

Installation situations

The AK-FLEX system can be used for all walls and installation situations. Regardless of whether thermal insulation, exterior plaster, clinker or slate. The universal box AK-FLEX suits them all. Its flexibility and the possibility to align its exterior dimensions to the building situation makes it especially suitable for prefabricated houses or prefixed wall thicknesses.