Modular construction

Flexible and reasonable

The ALUKON AK-FLEX system is modular. The parts will be combined according to plannings and box versions. Depending on the wall-thickness different boxes or double profiles can be chosen. An adaptation of the height of the box is also possible. With the basic construction kit all applications and wall thicknesses can be realised without being forced to keep a large variety of parts on stock.

For the processor

The same head-pieces, guide channel terminals, spare parts and guide channels are used for all box sizes. A maximum of applications with a minimum of components. The components can be stored space-saving and at low costs. 

The components can be stored space-saving and at low costs. The modular construction is unique among the foam-filled frame mounted shutters and offers an extreme flexibility. Even directly on the construction site depth and height of the boxes can still be ideally adopted.