Solution in details


All versions will be realised with only one headpiece. The inserted headpiece is flush with the corpus and thus avoids any thermal bridge. The plain backside allows the adaptation of further boxes without gap and makes an easy sealing towards the building possible. An ideal position of the shaft can be achieved through the adjustable center.

Guide channel terminals.

The two-parted guide channel terminal has to be inserted at the external part of the box and can be freely positioned. Thus lateral elongations and indents are possible without problems. The guide channel terminal clicks into the external part of the box to avoid slipping of the guide channel. Insect repelling system can be installed subsequently.

Guide channels

Elements with inside access, outside access or venetian blinds can be realised with only 2 PVC-guide channels. Several curtains will be linked by double guide channels. The guide channels can be attached either from the front or sidewards in order to allow a subsequent removal of plastered guide channels. Insect repelling system is possible. On demand AK-FLEX aluminium guide channels available.

Covered stopper

Maxi and mini curtains can be equipped with covered turnable stoppers. Visible stoppers and marks on the box part belong to the past.

Coupling / division / lateral elongations

Coupled or devided elements as well as intermediate blind boxes are possible. Lateral elongations and indentation of guide channels can be realised without gap.