The renovation hood

You want to modernise? Then why not take the opportunity when replacing your windows, and improve the heat insulation of your old roller shutter hoods. It’s quite straightforward. Your façade remains untouched, and the thermal bridge disappears! AK-Reno represents the latest in roller shutter technology as part of a single work flow when replacing windows. It’s an optimal solution that quickly pays for itself. The new, coloured roller shutters are the crowning achievement of window renovation. If you wish, you can immediately upgrade the AK-Reno system with an integrated insect guard, or do so at a later date if you prefer. This is an additional convenience which you will soon no longer want to do without.

Insect-repelling system

The AK-RENO renovation box is constructed in such a way that it can either be fitted with an integrated insect guard straight away, or at any later point in time. If required, the insect guard can be pulled down and locked into place. During the winter months, the insect guard remains invisible, rolled up within the hood. Alternatively of course, all systems from the ALIS-Insect Guard Programme can also be combined with the AK-RENO. Here, different chassis or door types in various colours and material types are available.

Save energy

With the ALUKON AK-RENO renovation hood, you can improve the level of heat insulation in the area around the hood by up to 60%. AK-Reno is the optimal solution for effectively insulating an existing uninsulated roller shutter hood when replacing windows. The sophisticated construction and the materials used generate a high level of heat insulation. In addition, the thermal bridge of the old, existing hood is effectively broken. Valuable heat from the room, which was previously lost through the old roller shutter hoods, is now kept where it should be - in your apartment! All systems comply with current standards for heat insulation and sound proofing.


The AK-RENO top-mounted roller shutter can be easily operated with a belt, handle or a very convenient motor. Radio-controlled roller shutter motors have a distinct advantage: The hand-held control can be positioned anywhere in the room; no cables for the switch have to be installed. The roller shutters are radio-controlled and work at the push of a button.