We have further developed the ALUKON roller and overhead doors in terms of technology and appearance, paying particular attention to ease of installation and operation.
The assembly of the roller door has once again been simplified considerably because the blind is now retracted using assembly belts. From now on, the roller doors are equipped with electronic drives and therefore have an automatic end position recognition. These drives are available with and without an emergency crank handle. The corresponding rigid crank handle is available in lengths of 140 or 220 cm.

The components of the lower rail safety edge are also new: OSE, terminal box, transmitter and receiver. Thanks to these new parts, the transmitter and receiver of the OSE can be easily connected via RJ plugs in the terminal box. Both the user-friendly operating accessories and the roller door control are still provided.

Roller doors with a width of up to 520 cm are now equipped with a narrow end rail, which is finished in black to match the OSE and thus provides a lovely finish to the lower part. For widths exceeding 520 cm, a higher and more stable end rail is supplied with armour paint.
To compensate for garage floors sloping down on one side, we offer a slanted end rail individually adapted to customer requirements. This can be used in the full door width and up to a maximum height difference of 300 mm.



  • Quick and easy installation

  • Up to a maximum width of 6 meters and a maximum surface of 20 sqm

  • Roll-up safety system for increased anti-burglary protection

  • Slanted end rail in full door width and applicable up to a maximum height difference of 300 mm



  • Easy installation and maintenance by two-parted guide channel

  • New stable corner connector from black plastic

  • Identic remote controls for roller doors and overhead doors

  • Minimum of required space (only 6cm between garage rood and overhead door)

  • Burglary resistant with roll-up safety system as a standard

  • Automatic obstacle detection and safety catch

  • On request: profiles with vision and venting millings