Many of our customers already use various electronic ways to place orders with ALUKON. System processors use the openTRANS® interface to order, directly in their own inventory management system, components such as profiles, panels and side caps as well as cut-tosize parts from ALUKON. The MoveIT@ISS retailer software has been successfully used for years for the configuration and automated ordering of prefabricated elements.

Since the end of last year, users of the KLAES window construction software have been able to configure and order ALUKON products directly in their own system.
The direct connection offered by the integration with the ALUKON configurator saves users significant time during the order process and allows secure order entry with plausibility checks and secure pricing. The creation and maintenance of master data for the ALUKON products in the window construction software is no longer necessary, as these are automatically provided online via the interface. This means that the master data is always up-todate and all technically possible variants can be configured quickly and easily. Item texts and prices are automatically integrated in the KLAES customer documents with 2D sketches. All ALUKON products in the sun protection, roller shutters, gates and insect protection ranges can be entered in this system.

We are currently preparing and testing connections with further software solutions such as 3E, SBH and Riposte and a company’s own B2B web shop, and these will be available soon for ALUKON customers.

The specialised ALUKON DIGITAL TEAM is available to support our customers with these interfaces.