Integrated in the façade

If you want to enjoy the benefits of roller shutters, but do not want to see your roller shutters box, then the ALUKON plaster embedded roller shutters are the ideal solution. They are invisibly integrated into the façade of a new build or a subsequently fitted façade insulation.


Of course, all ALUKON curtains can also be used in plaster embedded carrier boxes. In addition, the plaster embedded roller shutter can also be supplied with integrated insect protection.

Benefits of plaster embedded roller shutters

  • No cold spots due to their installation in front of the window
  • External inspection panel, service and repair work can be done quickly and cleanly
  • Higher thermal and acoustic insulation than conventional masonry, lintel and extension boxes
  • Fits the façade design perfectly
  • Insect protection can be integrated into all roller shutter boxes

Extruded boxes

Roll-formed boxes