Front-mounted ZipTex

Similarly to the roller shutters and external Venetian blinds from ALUKON, you can integrate different blinds into our boxes and so adapt them to the spatial requirements. Be it a new-build or an updated old-build – ZipTex systems provide you with modern sun protection in versatile designs.


The textile blinds are UV-resistant, water- and dirt-repellent and thus weatherproof. The boxes and guide rails are made from extruded, powder-coated aluminium. They have a wide variety of shapes and colours and are particularly robust and durable.


The built-in roller shutter boxes can be integrated harmoniously into your façade, because, in conjunction with special plaster-base panelling, they allow the front to be plastered.



Mounting possibilities

in the embrasure (left-hand shutter), on the façade (left-hand shutter), in the embrasure (right-hand shutter)


Box options