Overhead door

The garage’s headroom is hardly impacted by our overhead door. As it opens, the door moves directly along the ceiling. Due to the minimal space requirement of only 6 cm, a modern overhead door can even be used with low clearances – for new constructions as much as renovations.


Thanks to the lateral drive, the garage ceiling behind the door is unhindered. You can easily open and close the overhead door using radio remote control. Special rollers guarantee that the door runs quietly and is low-maintenance. Thanks to an integrated spring system, the door can also be opened manually with little effort in the event of an emergency. An emergency light on the motor completes the system.


Benefits of overhead doors

  • Made to measure
  • Minimal space requirement, only 6 cm between the garage ceiling and overhead door
  • Up to 3.63 m wide and 3.00 m high
  • Radio remote control with two handheld transmitters as standard
  • Advanced Homelink radio technology
  • Emergency lighting integrated into the motor
  • Burglar deterrence through an anti-lift device as standard
  • Internal emergency release on the motor, external lockable emergency release also possible
  • Easy to install with two-part guide rails
  • Automatic obstacle detection and automatic safety device
  • On request: sight window or ventilation grille