Roller shutters in front of the window

Prefabricated roller shutters are mounted in front of the window and are equally suitable for new builds and retrofitting in a renovation. Whether classic roller shutter profiles, s_onro® or JalouRoll hangings, we have the right solution for every requirement – with integrated insect protection on request.


Windows are the eyes of the house. With colour-coordinated front-mounted roller shutters they get that extra something. Whether coloured tone-on-tone or deliberately designed as a contrast, you decide on the look of your home. Either as a visible roller shutter element or as a plaster-embedded version – the wide range of different shapes, colours and finishes opens up almost unlimited design perspectives.


ALUKON roller blinds are available in aluminium and PVC profiles, in different cover widths and in a range of colours.

Extruded boxes

Extruded boxes are the solution for special and large roller shutter constructions. They also meet unusual architectural demands.


Roll-formed boxes

Roll-formed boxes are an alternative variant for your roller shutters. You can choose from a variety of box shapes and colours to make your façade around the window modern.