From mid-2020, ALUKON front-mounted roller shutters can be equipped with a glass fall protection system. With this feature, we are providing a visually appealing glass fall protection solution for floor-to-ceiling window doors that is not noticeable. To achieve this, a 16 mm LSG glass panel is inserted and fixed in an additional groove in the guide rail behind the roller shutter curtain by the customer.

The discreet glass edge protection is coated in the same colour as the rail and blends into the overall appearance of the facade in a harmonious manner. The glass fall protection allows an unobstructed view to the outside and no additional fixing points on the facade are required. The fastening for the robust multi-part guide rails on the window is concealed.

When the roller shutter is closed, the glass fall protection system is no longer visible from the outside, which achieves a uniform appearance in the facade area.

ALUKON glass fall protection is suitable for floor-to-ceiling windows, as well as multi-leaf windows made
of PVC, wood, wood/aluminium and aluminium. All ALUKON roller shutter profiles and all extruded box shapes can be used. When installing the glass fall protection, it is also possible to insulate the back of the roller shutter box.



  • Integrated fall-protecting glazing with a 16 mm LSG glass for floor-to-ceiling windows with a free view

  • Also suitable for multi-leaf windows

  • Glazing behind the roller shutter curtain for an uniform external appearance

  • Matching with other ALUKON front-mounted products